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An Oniisama E... Community
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An Oniisama E... Community, is a community for discussion, reviews, fanfiction, and fanart about Riyoko Ikeda's series Oniisama E...

Some basic rules:

1. Everyone must be polite and, preferably, refrain from excessive use of profanities

2. When discussing, please be aware that you might give away spoilers to other members, if your post is about or references major points in the plot, please LJ-cut them and give warnings.

3. All fics and art must be placed behind an LJ-cut

4. Fanfiction (and fanart) should be formatted outside the LJ-cut and should resemble this:

5. Any and all ratings are allowed, but you must have a rating

6. You must give appropriate warnings for content such as: lemon, line, NCS/rape, shota, etc.

7. Authors and artist should clarify if they wish to receive comments or criticisms, and all responses should be appropriate and respectful

8. No flames and try to refrain from character bashing, criticism of a character is acceptable as long as it is not offensive

9. Feel free to post links to your own sites that have to do with the community's focus.

10. I will make it absolutely clear, if there is adult content, mark it. This community is for all, but I will not be held responsible for those under 18 who do not read ratings. Those who do not give ratings or use LJ-cut will also be reprimanded.

If any of these rules are broken, especially number 10, I will immediately expel you from the group.