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04:13am 16/08/2009
'Sup fellow Fans.

I'm new to this community and thought I'd give a bit of an introduction.

I'm ReN I guess you can call me anything else so long as I know its directed towards me. :D

I'm a generally nice person and try to get along with everyone.

I first got into this lovley story throughe Lililicious when looking for more of Ikeda's works. I stumbled instead upon Oniisama. I loved it immedietly! I've been looking into the anime so far and have come to love it aswell. My faveorite charecters so far have been Rei Asaka, Kaouru Orihara, and Nanako. I've also taken a likeing to Mariko.

Wow this is a terrible Introduction isn't it? You'll probably find me lurking around here posting interesting AMV's related to Oniisama E, or posting silly related doodles.

I'm currently working on an FST inspired by 'Let Us Descend Together'. I hope to post it up soon . :)

In the meantime heres a pretty nice video I found for Asaka Rei:
to my elder brother...