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Pledge to make the final DVD box for Dear Brother a reality!

Hello, for those who don't know, has successfully funded 2 of 3 DVD boxsets for Dear Brother (Oniisama e), as well as boxsets for older anime shows like Creamy Mami and Black Jack. However, they are now down to less than 7 days to fund the remaining $3140 needed to make the final DVD boxset for Dear Brother.

Once an account is made at Anime Sols, you can then pledge towards the making of the final Dear Brother boxset. Pledges of $30 or more will get you a copy of the final boxset as well as bonuses such as clearfiles and artwork from the anime. If you missed out on the first 2 boxsets of Dear Brother, in the final part of pledging you can select to get each of those volumes for $30 a set.

Although the first boxsets for funded shows Creamy Mami and Black Jack have shown up for sale at, they sell for $60 per set as opposed to $30 that pledgers put towards their production. Hopefully Dear Brother will get enough pledges in time so that the entire series will be produced on DVD!
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A Realised Dream - Cosplay!

Hello everyone~

This weekend just gone a friend and I cosplayed Rei and Mariko at a convention in London.

I know the pair aren't really cannon but they are our favourite characters so we went ahead with it

I thought you might like to see the pictures!
I apologise that my dress is too long D: But I think it works!
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I was trying to icon one of my favorite scenes from episode 19, and ended up making more icons than I needed, so here they are.

The screencaps are from my home converted DVDs, so the quality isn't as good as the more recent DVDs.

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