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Pledge to make the final DVD box for Dear Brother a reality! 
09:53pm 26/04/2014
  Hello, for those who don't know, animesols.com has successfully funded 2 of 3 DVD boxsets for Dear Brother (Oniisama e), as well as boxsets for older anime shows like Creamy Mami and Black Jack. However, they are now down to less than 7 days to fund the remaining $3140 needed to make the final DVD boxset for Dear Brother.

Once an account is made at Anime Sols, you can then pledge towards the making of the final Dear Brother boxset. Pledges of $30 or more will get you a copy of the final boxset as well as bonuses such as clearfiles and artwork from the anime. If you missed out on the first 2 boxsets of Dear Brother, in the final part of pledging you can select to get each of those volumes for $30 a set.

Although the first boxsets for funded shows Creamy Mami and Black Jack have shown up for sale at rightstuf.com, they sell for $60 per set as opposed to $30 that pledgers put towards their production. Hopefully Dear Brother will get enough pledges in time so that the entire series will be produced on DVD!
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Rei Cosplay 
02:12pm 28/05/2012
mood: curious
This saturday I went as Rei to the MCM expo in London. Thought I'd share a few pictures!

More pictures! Collapse )

So, my question is, has anyone else here cosplayed as anyone from Oniisama E?
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58 icons 
06:02pm 25/11/2011
  42 | Madoka Magica
58 | Oniisama E


more here @ spacephase
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Oniisama He! Animation Production Cels! 
08:09pm 12/10/2010
mood: busy
Take a look!

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Look At These! ^___^ 
04:09pm 23/09/2010
mood: complacent

Found two rarities on eBay- animation cels of Oniisama He! Have a look at them. Wish I could afford them! - _ -;; <---- sighs and keeps dreaming.


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A Realised Dream - Cosplay! 
11:06pm 02/06/2010
mood: geeky
Hello everyone~

This weekend just gone a friend and I cosplayed Rei and Mariko at a convention in London.

I know the pair aren't really cannon but they are our favourite characters so we went ahead with it

I thought you might like to see the pictures!
I apologise that my dress is too long D: But I think it works!
Four classy photographs under the cut!!Collapse )
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11:53am 05/04/2010
  For the fans!!!

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10:28pm 01/12/2009
  I was trying to icon one of my favorite scenes from episode 19, and ended up making more icons than I needed, so here they are.

The screencaps are from my home converted DVDs, so the quality isn't as good as the more recent DVDs.

A dress for NanakoCollapse )
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Oniisama E... Episode 02 icons and screencaps 
04:32am 02/11/2009
mood: good
I've started to cap again - I believe I have a good process now :)
Here are some preview Episode 02 cap icons, 100 of them!

Oniisama E... Episode 02 Icons
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Little Nanako and Tomoko ? 
12:27pm 09/10/2009
mood: good
This is not really oniisama e, but a scan from one of my Shoujo coloring books.

Doesn't it remind you of Nanako and Tomoko as children ^_^

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Oniisama E... Episode One Icons 
04:22pm 07/10/2009
mood: good
I've started to cap again - I belive I have a good process now :)
Here are some preview Episode 01 cap icons, 100 of them!

Oniisama E... Episode 01 Icons
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04:13am 16/08/2009
'Sup fellow Fans.

I'm new to this community and thought I'd give a bit of an introduction.

I'm ReN I guess you can call me anything else so long as I know its directed towards me. :D

I'm a generally nice person and try to get along with everyone.

I first got into this lovley story throughe Lililicious when looking for more of Ikeda's works. I stumbled instead upon Oniisama. I loved it immedietly! I've been looking into the anime so far and have come to love it aswell. My faveorite charecters so far have been Rei Asaka, Kaouru Orihara, and Nanako. I've also taken a likeing to Mariko.

Wow this is a terrible Introduction isn't it? You'll probably find me lurking around here posting interesting AMV's related to Oniisama E, or posting silly related doodles.

I'm currently working on an FST inspired by 'Let Us Descend Together'. I hope to post it up soon . :)

In the meantime heres a pretty nice video I found for Asaka Rei:
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Fic: Rainbow in the Dark (Kaoru/Rei, NC-17) 
07:37am 21/07/2009
  ( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )  
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Fic: Spark (Kaoru/Rei, R) 
04:40pm 07/07/2009
  Title: Spark
Author: giving_ground
Rating: R
Pairings: Kaoru/Rei
Warnings: Rei's POV. Somehow I feel fairly sure this is a warning.
Notes: AU. Various forms of addiction. 1100 words or so.

Link: Spark
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Bonus Features 
10:00am 05/06/2009
  Hi Everyone. I noticed from some of the earlier posts that some of you are lucky enough to have the DVD's of Oniisama E. For those of you with the official DVD's could you tell us about the special features?  
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Fic: Between (Kaoru/Rei, R) 
05:50pm 21/05/2009
  Title: Between
Author: giving_ground
Rating: R or so.
Pairings: Kaoru/Rei
Warnings: Porn.
Notes: The space in between days. 1000-odd words of character exploration with porn.

Link: Between
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02:44pm 25/03/2009
  [32] Oniisama E icons


( To my icon journal )
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Oniisama E... Episode One Screenshots 
09:54pm 18/11/2008
mood: good
Hi, I just got the DVDs of this series this summer and this is my first attempt at screen captures ^_^
May try a different program next time (any suggestions?), as this one didn't always give me clean captures.
I eventually want to do screen captures of all the episodes.


Update: I've got my process down (I think :) and have started to cap again.

New Link: http://hellosugah.livejournal.com/70881.html
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Fan Soundtrack: Let Us Descend Together! 
01:54am 13/09/2008

Let Us Descend Together!
A Fukiko Ichinomiya/Rei Asaka Fan Compilation

(Soundtrack description, track listing, album download)
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04:20pm 06/07/2008
  Since first becoming aware of the existence of "image songs," I've since cultivated a habit of seeking out songs by various seiyuu. Having now received a Keiko Toda album and Mami Koyama compilation, I thought I would provide this community with an opportunity to hear some of the Oniisama e cast sing, as well.

I make no secret of playing favourites, so we have here The Magnificent Three.

Keiko Toda (Kaoru Orihara)
By far the strongest vocalist, in my opinion. Her album is also the most recent, and avoids the touch of the eighties the others are subject to.
ひとり占い (Solitary Fortune-Telling)
コスモスに君と (In The Cosmos With You)

Mami Koyama (Fukiko Ichinomiya)
The songs sound undeniably dated, but I am nonetheless biased by my love for Mami Koyama.
Morning CoffeeはBedで (Morning Coffee in Bed)
あなたとスローダンス (Slow Dance With You)
La Paradise

Sumi Shimamoto (Rei Asaka)
Her voice is the cutest thing ever (if not a bit thin), as are her songs. These are all from Maison Ikkoku, as far as I know.
悲しみよこんいちは (Hello, Sadness)
夢の入口へ… (To the Gate of Dreams)


Also, for anyone familiar with Enoki Films' horrifyingly hilarious proposal for a televised Shoujo Kakumei Utena dub, a friend and I compiled a similar thing for Oniisama e. Because the show would have been infinitely better had Takehiko and Takashi been Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
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